The Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm, is a regularity event for classic automobiles where regularity and endurance are to the fore and never achieving a "best time" result. We would like to make that clear!

Compliance with traffic regulations is compulsory.

Route description:
The route is about 700 kilometers long on both days and is divided into 4 stages. For the major part the rally is driven on tarmac roads which have been cleared. As little as possible of the route is on roads which have been strewn with salt. The complete route is illustrated in the roadbook with map sections and will be handed out to the contestants after the driver's conference. NO roads are exclusively closed for the Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm therefore you must always be prepared to come across other traffic. It is absolutely necessary that your automobile and the driver's attitude are adjusted to suit winter driving conditions and winter driving style!

The route covers more than 25,000 vertical meters, 700 km and is ranked as sportive and demanding.

Admission of vehicles:
All vehicles which were built between 1930 and 1985 are qualified for admission to the rally. The vehicles have to have a road permit and be equipped according to traffic regulations. All vehicles have to pass through an inspection before the start. The technical acceptance is from 09.00am on Friday. The automobiles have to be suitable for the winter conditions and also be equipped for them.



Registration – Registration Fee – Liability:
Registration has to be in written form per Internet, fax or mail to the organizer's office.

The registration fee is a forfeit and the amount is, as set out in the call for entry, € 1 080.--

The registration fee includes:

·         organization and carrying out of the Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm

·         two start numbers

·          roadbooks

·         accreditation for driver and co-driver

·         winner's ceremony and awards for special performance

·         all food on Friday and Saturday


The registration fee will be refunded to contestants who are not accepted, it will also be refunded should the Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm be cancelled.

The contestants expressly release the organizers, all rally officials as well as any of their representatives from any liability whatsoever for any damage whatsoever incurred directly or indirectly before, during or after the Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm. Furthermore the contestants declare that they indemnify and hold harmless the rally organizers and officials of the WCHQT against any and all liability, damage, expenses and costs. Along the complete WCHQT route and its surroundings the traffic regulations of the country are applicable. The drivers accept sole responsibility for any civil law or criminal law cases as a result of participation in the rally.

Start numbers:
Every driver receives a start number which he/she has to attach to his/her automobile at all times during the Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm. The order of start will be decided by a draw done by the contestants during the administrative check-in.

Administration – technical acceptance and reference section:
The administrative check-in is on Friday, 17 February 2017 from 08:30 am in the rally office in the salon of the Hotel Teichwirt. The technical inspection/acceptance is on the same day from 9.00am in the parc fermé. After the technical acceptance all contestants will receive a Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm sticker which has to be attached to the automobile.

s conference:
The driver's conference takes place on the 17th of February 2017 in the salon of the Hotel Teichwirt at 11:00 am. Attendance is compulsory!!

Course of events Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm:
The start is on Friday, 17.02.2016, at 1.00 pm
and on Saturday, 18.02.2016 at 09.00 am.


·       The start and finish is on the Teichalm and in the towns with stages are marked with signs. The exact start time and the stage finishing time are set and the difference between the two is the target time which is to be achieved.

·       The contestants drive with a roadbook from the start to the next CP and from there to the next and so on until they reach the finish.

·       On the way the contestants carry out the set tasks.

·       The special stages are clearly marked as such and have a clear target time which is consistent with an average speed of 50 km/h.

·       The special stages can be started at any time and the target time is to be kept to, time-keeping will be done at the start of the special stage and at the finish of the special stage.

·       On the whole route there is a 50 km/h average limit and it must not be exceeded.

·       Timing is done in minutes except on the circuits and on the special stage Pierer (light barrier).

·       Time checking will be done by GPS transponders. The measurement is in minutes.

·       Points system, please see points list displayed

             ·     The team with the least points is the winner.