Welcome to Winterclassic

Headquarter Teichalm

The Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm is inspired by legendary drivers and driven by heroes who put their hearts into driving in the Styrian mountains on classic rally routes.

The WCHQT is a classic rally like in former times when crossing the finish line at any cost and with the help of the other contestants was first and foremost. This rally surely counts amongst the most demanding classic sports events in the world. The Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm is driven 85 % on small side roads, over snow-covered mountain meadows, through deep ravines and dark forests and over snowy passes.

It is a challenge to the drivers and their classic automobiles.

Time-keeping is done with stopwatches, delays can take up to "several" minutes. Drivers drive with a roadbook and maps whereby navigation also becomes a great challenge. Approximately 25,000 vertical meters have to be mastered over the 700 kilometers across and through the Styrian mountains. The drivers and co-drivers take on their responsibilities once more and teamwork is crucial to success. We count in minutes.

The Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm is a classic automobile regularity rally, motorsports event which is driven in winter conditions.

The Headquarter at the Teichalm (1200m) is perfect for the WCHQT because of it's winterconditions and for their hospitality.

The Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm is eminently suitable for sportive drivers who want to have a great driving experience and keep in touch with like-minded friends.

I am glad to welcome you to the Winterclassic, HQ Teichalm and look forward to seeing you.

Joseph Prein /HQ